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In contrast, the AFR is published in print six days a week although its weekend print edition may soon disappear. This suggests the paper may be wiser to have a less strict paywall. Its paywall is currently among the most expensive in the world. Perhaps this itself is telling.

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It is impossible to know if the AFR is profitable or not, and how much its digital-only subscriptions contribute to its revenue. What we do know is that Fairfax is cutting jobs from its Sydney and Melbourne newsrooms, and these cuts include staff from the AFR.

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Paywalls are not a saviour of newspapers, and even the Financial Times, which has been hailed as an example of successful paywall structure, is struggling. The paper is now facing cost cuts in its newsrooms and production despite the fact that it has , digital subscribers and growing digital revenues. Paywalls continue to emerging, disappear and evolve. Its experiment with the paywall was doomed.

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  • Why some newspaper paywalls are simply unsustainable.
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In New Zealand, a handful of regional newspapers have also introduced fees for their digital content. We are investing in what we do best. The Maldon UP! Courageous Leaders: promoting and supporting diversity in school leadership development — Cambridge, Cambridgeshire. Edition: Available editions United Kingdom. Both mastheads also saw their Sunday titles decline, with the Sun-Herald again the hardest hit.

Why some newspaper paywalls are simply unsustainable

The Sun-Herald saw its circulation slide from , copies sold on average to , copies, a decline of The Sunday Age slipped by 7. However, quarter on quarter sales grew, with the paper selling , copies in the June quarter of last year.

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  6. The masthead on average shifted , copies during the December quarter. The title grew from 13, copies sold in the December quarter to 13, sold in the December quarter. Moving to the Saturday editions, it was once again was not a pretty picture.

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    The Daily Telegraph dropped from , Saturday papers sold on average in the December quarter to , shifted in the December quarter. Miranda Ward worked for Mumbrella from to , eventually becoming deputy editor. Miranda joined Mumbrella in September from Sky News. One is a pure biz paper.

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    The oz is really competing with metros which is why is does well in Brisbane and Adelaide. The afr is simply a bad business paper that is becoming tawdry on occasion.

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    But the very strange thing is its refusal to publish digital subscriptions which should be large, probably bigger than the print number? How does a board and management so absolutely inept get to keep drawing salaries. Fairfax could have hired journalists and done journalism. Fairfax deserves whatever happens to them.

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    Although, as the Quadrant writer points out, Melbourne and Sydney will soon have only one paper apiece, a crappy one. I can vouch for that. They lost two more subscribers last Monday when I cancelled the home delivery which had been in place — unbroken — since we moved to Canberra in There are two things wrong with this article: the AFR loses a lot less money that the Australian and may even make a small profit.

    The Australian loses plenty. Newspapers have no idea how to monetise the internet — check out how many are changing their strategy between paywalls, freemium etc.